Energy Conservation at the North Pole

Santa revealed as environmentally conscious eco warrior. More power to him.

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aaaaaaaaa   So with the budget being so tight and all, Santa has had to make some cutbacks. He has contacted me and asked me to review his latest book “How to conserve energy and keep those pockets padded,” By A. Jollyfatman.

Whilst I await the arrival of this book, he has agreed to do a guest post for Readful Things, sharing some of his energy saving ideas. Please welcome St. Nick.


Are you looking to save some money this year? Here are some of the changes we have made at the North Pole to ensure that production stays up and costs stay down.

1. I replaced the blinky red nose of Rudolph with a lower energy LED light. True, he can’t guide the sleigh as well, but I can find my way pretty well without the little bugger.

2. I sold off the collection of classic toys…

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