Thought for the Day – Displacement

Although this is called ‘Thought for the Day’, which may be suggestive of it being part of a series, it is not. This is really just an isolated post, and since this thought consumes me, could be considered the ‘Thought of the Day’ for all days. Well, until it isn’t.

Ever felt completely displaced, both temporally and spatially? That is how I feel right now. Forced to exist in a location and time zone that just feels completely alien. Nothing around me seems to make sense. Everything just looks wrong, feels wrong. It seems as if the sun rises and sets at all the wrong times, and that there is no longer any order to the world. I know that this will change when I am in the location and time in which I belong, where my heart is, my home. Until that time I know that nothing will feel right.

Ever felt that way?

56 thoughts on “Thought for the Day – Displacement

  1. My heart bleeds over this post. Truly, it does. There is an iced coffee on second street waiting for you and a burger in a pub next door. Odd that it is the St. Charles, is it not?

    Even without said pub and Coffee shop there is one place in the world where we will both feel at home. I feel the same way in reverse. Nothing is right, none of the places I go are home right now and everything (Including but not limited to) my own house feel foreign to me.

    I want to dance under Christmas lights and get lost on the way to 3037. I want to steal a sofa from the PM and bitch about missing bunnies.

    I am happy to wander aimlessly forever looking for a shop that showed up one day and vanished the next.

    Anywhere, everywhere, all the time. It is you that makes it all worth while.


  2. Welcome to the Twilight Zone Julian! Come on over – I’ve been here so long, I built as stone house, complete with wonderful fireplace, cozy hearth – have a cup of tea…..LOL


  3. I’ve felt like this almost every day for six months now. It’s a surprisingly common feeling. I’ve heard many people mention it before. But like an above commenter said, it helps to to know things will change. Eventually, you will feel like you’re home again.


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