Personal Views

Despite nearly always forgetting that I have a camera on my phone, or around my neck, I can occasionally remember and get some decent pictures.



40 thoughts on “Personal Views

  1. The following acrostic is all for you, Jules.

    Did we run out of fuel? No.
    I knew there was a 7-eleven somewhere
    Could we have cared less?
    Kissing in the dark is never bad with you

    But, we almost ran out of fuel
    Really, I wouldn’t have minded
    Under the stars with you…good
    I never mind being stranded with an Englishman
    See, we can laugh at anything
    Even when there is no gas at 7-eleven


  2. I was kind of thinking these photos reminded me of somewhere out in the west of the U.S. 😉 Can’t you find asylum here? Maybe not political, but there might be a category for romantic asylum … or there should be 🙂


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