Another beautiful poem by Pam. Check out her poetry blog. Now! That is an order. Well, a polite request, at least. You won’t be sorry you did.

Poetry by Pamela

Sometime we will pursue our dream
When the season is prime
We will plan, prepare and scheme
The day will be right Every time

Every time we are apart
I just want the waiting to be done
I know I have your heart
But I’m ready for two to become one

Somewhere it will be okay
To be alone if we dare
Together in the light of day
Out in the open Everywhere

Everywhere I go, your love awaits
I’m ready to be in your arms
Our tangled lives will conquer fate
As I submit to your charms

Something will make it work
To that hope I always cling
Knowing is my only perk
That you are more than my Everything

Everything creates desire
Adding to my pain
My breasts are already on fire
My love can hardly be contained

Someday will come soon I hope
Patience will help us…

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