The World Will Stop Turning

JaguarPoetry of sorts – because I am out of sorts, preparing sadly and badly for a flight to the UK. Dedicated as always to the love of my life and future wife, Ionia.

In a few short hours

My world will stop turning

This separation of ours

This heart filled with yearning


I know it will not last

I know thereโ€™ll be an end

Eventually this will pass

Our life as we intend


Still, it does not stop the hurt

It does not stop the pain

Even though we have

Everything to gain


Finally together

No longer forced apart

Always and forever

One single heart


24 thoughts on “The World Will Stop Turning

  1. Distance is defeatable and temporary. Technology and dreams can help ease the pain. Focus on being with her instead of that you’re temporarily going away. There’s probably more, but I’m too many beers and vodka into the night.

    Seek out a song called Somewhere Out There by Linda Rondstadt.


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