An incredible poem by Ionia. After the disassembly of solitude ends, the reassembly of union will begin

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*OOPS. I meant to post this here but accidentally posted it to Ionia’s Thought Catalogue instead because I wasn’t paying attention. So If you already saw it, my bad. Sorry:)


Solitary here without you
struggling through the night
thinking of us in moments
forever captured black and white

moments into hours
hours into days
days into weeks
a solitude so magnificent
that even quiet seeks

the sun upon your face
and the warmth upon my skin
lingering memories of embrace
and desire my greatest sin

rain beating a lonely rhythm
wind howling, reflecting pain
your voice inside my head
chasing away the sane

moments into hours
a heartbeat and its shadow
hours into days
always searching for tomorrow
days into weeks
and my soul begins to tremble
if weeks are months and months are years
my being will disassemble

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