What use is technology,

It hardly ever works

Then the companies steal your money

It really isn’t funny.


Whatever did we do

Before we relied on it

My opinion is

It just makes the world more shit.


Some things are great

Things we can’t do without

But what the use if everything

Is always going up the spout


And yes I know that I wrote this and posted it using technology, but technology that always works…

3 thoughts on “Technology

  1. I’ve been wondering these same thoughts in regards to my cellphone. I can barely remember how a person contacted people when outside of the house. Well, I do remember payphones, but they don’t have those around here any more.


    • I know, it is hard to remember what it was like, isn’t it. I do wish there were more payphones. You don’t see as many more here either. We tend to use tin cans and string when the mobiles (sorry, cellphones – gotta get the hang of that) don’t work 🙂


      • Work from mobile to mobile phone and then slip into cellphone. Honestly, people need to learn how to figure out the slang of others without issues. Or at least politely ask.

        For some reason all I can think of when you mention payphones in England is Dr. Who. I don’t even watch the show.


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