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What amazingly kind words from Pam. Check out her collection of love poems, ‘Dreams of Love‘, this valentines day. You will not be disappointed.

Poetry by Pamela

Where do I start to talk about Julian?

I first started following Julian’s blog because he was witty, and yes, lewd. After all, his tagline is life, literature and lewd comments. He has a small collection of first edition books that he is happy to talk about. Additionally, he posts book reviews.

But what he is always thrilled to talk about is the love of his life, his soulmate – Ionia. He would walk across the ocean to be with her if he could. It is high time that America realizes that adding Julian to our population would be the best addition we could have. In the mean time, check out Julian’s blog and some of the beautiful, heart-wrenching poetry he has written for his beautiful fiancé, Ionia.

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Who Forgot Valentines Day?

So, who forgot valentines day then?

It may be a bit late in the day, but here is the perfect opportunity to extricate yourself from the excrement. Check out the Open Road Media special valentines site by clicking the image below, to find just the right ebook gift for your loved one.


Blog Tour: Dreams of Love by Pamela


Description: Poetry is an expression from deep within the soul. It can be therapeutic and healing. It can bring out all the best or the worst in life. Her poetry comes from the heart, not the head. It is an outpouring of emotion and she exposes it to reader in the pages.

Various poetry forms are explored: free verse, tanka (5-7-5-7-7), doidotsu (7-7-7-5) and etheree (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10).

Dreams of Love

Dreams of you and me
Together in ev’ry way
Your lips pressed to mine
Assuring me of your love
Dreams of love eternally

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pamelaPamela began writing poetry in just the last year. She is a nonprofit executive by day and spends her hours trying to be sure that everyone has a chance for a good life. Pamela is passionate about her job and it spills over into her writing. Dreams of Love is her debut poetry collection. Pamela feels that poetry can be very personal but invites you into her soul as you read her poems.


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Poetry by Pamela
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