imagesCan anyone help?

I was wondering.

Is there an actual physical law of nature, other than the ubiquitous Murphy’s law, that states that:

‘When decorating, the paint will be attracted to any clean item of clothing, any clean surface, or any person, within a twenty yard radius of the area in which you are painting.’

Now I will concede that I am not the best, most careful painter in the world, far from it. However, I have been taking extra special care, using dust sheets, masking tape and anything that I can to ensure that paint does not suspiciously find its way to places it bloody well shouldn’t.

But here’s the thing. It always fucking  does. Always. However little painting I do. However much care I take.

So there you have it. It simply has to be some actual law of nature to which I am not privy.

Your thoughts in comments please.

22 thoughts on “Painting

  1. A year ago I painted my bedroom walls burgundy with cream. I was soooo careful. Burgundy crept into places it shouldn’t. I’m giving it until next winter and painting over it. I don’t love it as much as I thought I would.

    My mum was painting her kitchen red once. She was at the top of the stairs to the basement when she fell. Thank goodness she didn’t kill herself (broken leg only) but it looked like a crime scene with red paint splattered all down the stairs.

    How has all the flooding impacted you?


  2. I painted four rooms in the past year. I started buying those affordable plastic drop clothes after I realized that I could use painter’s tape to seal the edges of them; for example, along the wall if I was painting the ceiling. across the floor if I was painting a wall, draped across furniture They are a lot easier to use than the canvas ones, tend to cover better, and are much easier to clean up and toss away. Using the nice, soft trimmers with disposable pads instead of brushes also helped keep down splatters.


    • I am decorating the entire house and have most of it in different states of readiness, so everything is chaotic and a total mess. Sadly this adds to the transit of paint to places it shouldn’t be.


  3. I think Murphy’s law is nothing more than the laws of thermodynamics. The second law is too obvious, i.e. increasing entropy, which itself relates to the third law. The first law, conservation of energy, plays a role, too. For example, when you drop a coin, it falls into the gutter, heading for minimum potential energy. 🙂


    • Absolutely, Chris. This makes total sense to me. But is the painting law a separate entity on its own, or merely a restatement of one of these more fundamental laws? I suppose I would have to suggest that it is increasing entropy creating a more disordered and chaotic state. Damn. I really wanted to be able to name this painting law, ‘Julian’s Law’.


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