The Fixer by T. E. Woods

The FixerThe Fixer by T. E. Woods

Description from Goodreads.

T. E. Woods delivers a fast-paced thriller–the first in an electrifying new series–peopled with sharp, intriguing characters and more twists and turns than a corkscrew.

“Never a doubt. Never a mistake. Always for justice. Never for revenge.” She’s the person you hire when you need something fixed–permanently. With a strict set of criteria, she evaluates every request and chooses only a few. No more than one job per country, per year. She will only step in if it’s clear that justice will not be served any other way. Her jobs are completed with skill and precision, and never result in inquiry or police investigation. The Fixer is invisible–and quite deadly. . . .

In the office of a clinical psychologist in Olympia, Washington, a beautiful young woman is in terrible emotional pain. She puts up walls, tells lies, and seems to speak in riddles, but the doctor is determined to help her heal, despite the fact that she claims to have hurt many people. As their sessions escalate, the psychologist feels compelled to reach out to the police . . . but it might be too late. In Seattle, a detective gets a call from his son. A dedicated journalist, he wants his father’s expertise as he looks into a suspicious death. Together they follow the trail of leads toward a stone-cold hired killer–only to find that death has been closer than either could have imagined.

I gave this book five stars out of five

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was definitely a page-turner and I had difficulty putting it down. It was a relatively easy read, was well paced and the plot was imaginative and well executed. The book seemed to effortlessly flow from one scene to another, from one character to another.

To begin it was difficult to know who the main character was as the action involved ‘The Fixer’, but we did not yet know who ‘The Fixer’ was, although there was significant allusion to point us in a specific direction.

I enjoyed the way the plot developed and how there were always surprises. It was not easy to divine who was responsible for what, before it was revealed and I like this in a book.

The building of back-story that revealed motivation behind certain plot elements provided much about that made events in the current time make more sense.

The relationship that developed between Lydia and Mort was interesting, each providing something that the other needed to move on from past negative events that had shaped their lives.

I would most definitely recommend this book to thriller fans, especially those that like to see the psychological motivations behind the actions of others.

This review was based on a review copy provided by Netgalley and the publisher.