Poor poetry

I hope you never get tired

Of my poor attempts at poetry

I am not eloquent like some

But love just flows from me


I may not be able

To properly articulate

But I always want you

To be my lifelong mate


This truly is a tragedy,

How I cannot express my love,

In words that are sufficient

To amaze the angels above


So let me just be done,

Trying to be profound

And just say, I love you,

Passion without bound.

Always Missing You

20140310_103812Another short poem dedicated to the love of my life, Ionia Martin. The woman that makes me who I am, without whom I am not me. (Not sure if who and whom are right, but what the heck.)

I miss you from thousands of miles away,

Or even just a few.

You guide my life in every way,

I am not me without you


I visit all those places,

The ones for me and you.

Like where you first spoke to me,

And life began anew


Little could I have known then,

What you’d come to mean to me.

Our love it has flourished,

O’er the deep blue sea.


You are to me, my everything.

My world, my heart, my life.

The greatest day of all will come

When you become my wife.