Cyber Wars

Another one of my favourite poets. Check out Pam’s site.

Poetry by Pamela

What happened to hand written notes?

Phone sex
Text sex
Cyber sex
What happened to skin to skin sex?

Face time
Web cams
What happened to real smiling faces?

Google +
What happened to coffee klatch?

Face to face
One on one
The beginning of social media

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How Terrible To Be Separated From One’s Love (Acrostic)

Thanks to Dom, for the continual kind words and encouragement. Everyone should check out the great poetry by one of my favourite poets.

Dom DiFrancesco

How terrible to be separated from one’s love,

Oceans mocking with their insurmountable gauntlet;

Praying on the tender heart as if expendable.

Elicit my wrath you vile beast!

Love conquers all or so the saying goes,

End your repeated assaults on star-crossed lovers

So that those destined to be united might consume.

Save your sour vengeance for hell,

Releasing us to our burning desires.

Over your objections we shall conquer.

My steel shall slaughter your thirst

And leave us to our own destiny.

Neither man nor beast shall stand in our path,

This I vow until my last breath.

I love you, shall be written in the stars

Completing our journey destined by the Creator.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This poem was inspired by Julian Froment and the poem he…

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