Quest of the Broken-Hearted (Possible Spoilers?)

Interesting to see how an author connects with the fate of his characters and can feel their misery and pain. Interesting comment thread too, although some are a little off-topic.

Legends of Windemere

By Kayla Matt By Kayla Matt

I can say that only know of 3 characters who are confirmed to survive Legends of Windemere.  The rest are still up in the air, which has left me with having to create alternate endings.  One such ending can lead to a stand-alone book that gives a character closure if she survives: Kira Grasdon.

I will say that at least 1 person will die in the Sari/Luke Callindor/Kira Grasdon love triangle.  At least as things stand right now, so I have plans for Windemere to continue in each scenario.  If alive, Luke and Sari would join the other surviving champions as cameos in future series.  Maybe even together.  As for Kira, I have two paths if she survives.  One is that she marries Luke and joins him on the cameo circuit.  The other is that she doesn’t get Luke and plunges into darkness.  Hence, that story…

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