Hear ye, Hear ye – No, Really, Hear Me!

Well, I cannot believe that I am reblogging myself, but yes, that’s what is happening. I want MORE votes on this post, so if you haven’t voted yet, please come on down and do so, either here, or on the original post, I will check both. I look forward to seeing your votes. Thanks to everyone that has already commented and voted.

Julian Froment's Blog

Inspired by Pam’s recent post, ‘In Love’, where she also included an audio version of one of her poems, I thought I would like to maybe do that. Since I am not as prolific as Pam, I thought that I would read one of the poems that I have already posted on this blog.

So I am running a competition to decide which poem I shall read out. To see the pool of poems to choose from click here. This is the Ionia category, also accessible at the right hand side of the page. I picked this selection of poetry, since you all know that my world revolves around this woman that is the love of my life, and frankly all of my poetry is dedicated to her anyway. Have a look and see which poem, if any, you would like to hear me read, and then pop…

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