A Poem for a Poetry Reading – On Gossamer Wings

To continue the poetry readings that I have been posting, here is another one. I have to admit that I am quite enjoying posting these readings. I thought that on this occasion I would introduce the reading of ‘On Gossamer Wings’, with another little verse.

This poetry reading is dedicated
To the one I love
The one that is my everything
A gift from up above

Who can this woman be
Well, her name is Ionia
I am sure you all can see
How incredibly I love her







On Gossamer Wings

On gossamer wings,
On gossamer wings,
My heart it flies to you.
To be together,
‘till the end of days
Is all that’s left to do.

Flying high,
‘cross the ocean blue,
To where it now belongs.
Cradled within,
A soul so true,
Amidst angelic song.

And soon now,
Oh, so very soon,
The body will be along.
To join the heart,
To fill the void,
Back where I belong.