The Spinning World Cycle 4 – Reading

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. The end of the cycle. Seriously though, I hope that some of you made it to this point. This is my favourite poem of the cycle as when this poem is in ascendance it means I am with the love of my life, Ionia. That is all I want, always and forever.

And Now the World it Spins Again

spinning world






And now the world it spins again

But only for a while

And then we shall begin again

To endure our difficult trial


For now though, all is perfect

Back here in your arms

To look upon your pretty face

And all your heavenly charms


Even though the real world

Rears its ugly head

Every moment spent with you

Fills my heart with joy


Someday will eventually come

And we shall be together

Sharing this one life of ours

Always and forever.


I promise that I will try and do a few different posts now, although I may well mingle in a few more poetry readings. I have enjoyed this a lot.

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