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Legends of Windemere

The Hopeteller (Cover by Tracy Carrig) The Hopeteller (Cover by Tracy Carrig)


Book Blurb:

Humanity has been driven into the wilderness by the ‘Invaders’. They have been forced to live as colonies in the wilderness where survival is a daily struggle. Hope becomes harder and harder to hold onto as the years pass.

Then one day, a young man tells a story to an injured friend and the Hopeteller is born. Unsure of the power of his words, he finds himself moving the colony with his fairy tales. He will see his people through death and fear as they continue to fight for survival.

Enjoy this novella that is half post-apocalyptic journal and half fairy tales.

Perfect for a quick & entertaining read!

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It Began With a Comment

At first a comment on my blog,
Then one back on yours.
Then by private email,
We carried on our discourse.

Next came text, and with it,
Greater immediacy.
Along with Skype and video calls,
We could now each other see.

And in the real world, then we met,
In the land of physical things.
And from these humble beginnings,
We grew so very close.

And now you are my everything,
My life, my love, my world.
And all I want forever,
Is to be here by your side.

Never has there been a love,
So deep, so strong, so true.
As the love that we now share,
And shall eternally.

I Hate Leaving

Knowing I’m leaving
Drives me insane
Leaves me grieving
Fucks with my brain
I want to stay
Near by your side
Not to go away
Nor time to bide
Right here with you
Is where I belong
Where I should be
My love so strong
This shouldn’t be
I should always stay
We should be free
Forever and a day

I love you Ionia, with all of my heart, body and soul.

Just to be here

Really this is all I want from life. To be able to be with the love of my life, Ionia, all of the time, always and forever.

Just to be here

Just to be here
In this place
To see that look
Upon your face

Just to be here
The same time
Is such a crime

Just to be here
With my love
Makes me believe
In heaven above

Just to be here
With my girl
Makes my heart
Spin and Whirl

Just to be here
Alone with you
Is all I ever
Want to do

The Antigone Poems by Marie Slight and Terrence Tasker

The Antigone PoemsThe Antigone Poems by Marie Slight and Terrence Tasker

Description from Goodreads

Passionate, brutal, and infused with extraordinary lyricism, The Antigone Poems provides a special expedition into the depths of the ancient Sophocles tragedy. The work’s obsessive, ritualistic and ultimately mysterious force brings into sharp focus the heroic, tragic figure at the center of the primordial compact between gods and humans. The work, a collaboration between poet, Marie Slaight and artist, Terrence Tasker, was created in the 1970’s, while the artist were living in Montreal and Toronto.

I gave this book five stars out of five

My thoughts:

I enjoyed this book immensely. I am a keen reader of poetry of all kinds.

This book was a combination of extremely powerful poetry by Marie Slaight, accompanied by incredibly haunting artwork from Terrence Tasker. The combination is a work of epic proportions.

The poetry was very dark and evocative, in keeping with the theme of Sophocles original tragedy, Antigone. This is a beautifully presented book, and will keep readers coming back to it again and again, getting something extra from it on each new reading.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone interested in poetry and in particular in a different slant on Sophocles work.
This review is based on a complimentary copy provided by Netgalley and the publisher.

Summer on the Moon by Adrian Fogelin

Summer on the MoonSummer on the Moon by Adrian Fogelin

Description from Goodreads

It is the beginning of summer vacation. Socko and his best friend Damien entertain themselves playing with the decrepit old elevator in their tenement or throwing things off the roof, taking special care to avoid the local Tarantula gang and its leader, Rapp.

I gave this book four stars out of five

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick, easy read, perfect for secondary school age children, but with enough interest for those of us that are a little older, but still young at heart.

This was a story of change and escape. Escape to a better standard of living, from a world in which fear and worry were the dominant factors in the life of the protagonist, a life of poverty, to one in which he was introduced to a different world, a world in which he felt part of a family. It was about the struggle to move on and leave behind his best friend, knowing that his friend’s life would begin to landslide as a result. It was a story of loyalty between friends, under difficult circumstances.

The story was also about learning to deal with new situations and people. Our protagonist learned how to connect with people from a different generation and also about the joys, and confusions, of first love.

I really liked the protagonist, Socko, named for the Greek philosopher, Socrates. What a cool name. The characters the author created seemed very real and I enjoyed the relationships that Socko had with his best friend Damien, and then with Livvy. How the friendship, and love, blossomed between Socko and Livvy was fun to see, as was the lack of realisation that Socko had about it.

Livvy was also undergoing a pivotal life change, although hers was in the opposite direction to that of Socko, coming from a far more privileged background. The changes that both were experiencing eventually brought them together, each starting from opposite ends of the spectrum.

I really liked this story and would certainly recommend it to others. It had a message of hope, that by helping others, you would ultimately be rewarded. It was a book about growth and change, and that bad people receive their just desserts.

This review is based on a complimentary copy provided by Netgalley and the publisher.