Cover Reveal for Love: Lost and Found

Check out the cover of Pam’s forthcoming poetry collection. What a wonderful cover this is.

Poetry by Pamela

I’m so excited about the cover for my new book. I know I’ve been talking about this for quite a while now, but it is all coming together very quickly now.

I had a friend help me by photoshopping some images together to create the picture. He was great at coming up with exactly what I could see in my head (and trust me, that is no easy thing to do). And then I have another friend (she is actually someone who does most of the graphic design work for me at work) who created the final cover. I think they did a great job.

I am hoping to have this ready to publish on Kindle this week and then available in paperback within a couple of weeks.

Please share this cover and help me promote my latest poetry collection.

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Interview with The Talented Ionia Martin

Fantastic interview from John Howell, with the incredible Ionia Martin. Check it out.

Fiction Favorites

Ionia Martina books-31

John:  Before we start and before Ionia gets here, I have to tell you I am as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I have the opportunity to ask Ionia Martin a series of questions which have been designed to gain additional knowledge about this talented and beautiful person’s decision to become a reviewer. So why be nervous you ask? Why not be nervous? Can you imagine having the opportunity to ask really good questions of an icon and then come up short? . . . Er . . . let me rephrase that. Can you imagine having the opportunity of asking really good questions and then falling flat on your ass because the questions are too mundane or have been asked one hundred times before? To prevent this catastrophic situation I did extensive research and memorized every single interview Ionia has done over…

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Faith We Will Get There

I have an indomitable faith that the ocean between us will soon disappear, one way or another. I know from the very bottom of my heart, from every atom in my body, that my soul shall be reunited with yours, its other half, and shall remain as one for all eternity. Nothing will ever stop me coming for you, Ionia.







Forever together
Always our desire,
I just need
To come
Home to you.

Wishing and hoping
Every day,

When will
I be
Living life with my

God I am so
To be coming home

To you
Heaven sent you
Ever for me,
Really together for

I love you, Ionia

Half a Lifetime








Half a lifetime
Spent alone
Not even knowing
I wasn’t alive
It only took a minute
To know this was right
And all of a sudden
I knew what life was
Being with,
The one that you love
This is a gift,
From heaven above
Sometimes we cannot,
be together
When all we want,
is together forever
That day will come
I know in my heart,
We shall be together,
Never apart
I cannot express
in words alone
The depth of my love
And desire for you
I just want to spend,
The rest of my life
Right by you side,
With you as my wife.
I love you, Ionia

I Want to be There

Even if I need to swim.







I want to be there all the time,
For the good times and the bad,
To hold you always, in my arms,
Comfort you when you are sad

I want to be there all the time,
To put a smile on your face,
To be right there, by your side
In the very same place

I want to be there all the time,
Wherever there may be,
It really does not matter where,
If you are there with me

I want to be there all the time,
To make our world complete
To share it all the time with you
And never accept defeat

I want to be there all the time
And someday, I shall be
With the woman I love so much
Together thou and me

I love you, Ionia

Saffron and Brimstone by Elizabeth Hand

Saffron and BrimstoneSaffron and Brimstone by Elizabeth Hand

Description from Goodreads

Widely praised and widely read, Elizabeth Hand is regarded as one of America’s leading literary fantasists. This new collection (an expansion of the limited-release “Bibliomancy, ” which won the World Fantasy Award in 2005) showcases a wildly inventive author at the height of her powers. Included in this collection are “The Least Trumps,” in which a lonely women reaches out to the world through symbols, tattooing, and the Tarot, and “Pavane for a Prince of the Air,” where neo-pagan rituals bring a recently departed soul to something very different than eternal rest.

Written in the author’s characteristic poetic prose and rich with the details of traumatic lives that are luminously transformed, “Saffron and Brimstone” is a worthy addition to an outstanding career.
* Elizabeth Hand’s work has been selected as a “Washington Post” Notable Book and a “New York Times” Notable Book, and she has been awarded a Nebula Award and two World Fantasy Awards.

I gave this book four stars out of five

My thoughts:

I very much enjoyed this book. I liked the format a lot. It consisted of eight separate short stories, of varying lengths. It provided great variety, with each story being different from the others and covering an assortment of genres from supernatural to dystopian themes.

I thought that each of the stories were very well written, and the breadth of topics dealt with was impressive.

My favourite story was Cleopatra Brimstone, which was one of the longer stories. I found this to be remarkably clever and inventive story with a lot of surprises.

The stories all contained interesting and real characters, despite the limited length. It was easy to connect with and invest in the characters portrayed. I think that this is important in a short story, since the relationship that we have with the characters in a story is so very important, but is often one of those things neglected in short stories.

The plot and storyline of all of the stories were very creative and all of them were highly character based.

I think that this book provides a very good example of how to write captivating short stories. The stories all felt finished and fully formed. Even though I often wanted more, I was not left feeling that any of the stories were incomplete.

I would recommend this book to any fan of the short story, and of Elizabeth Hand’s work. This was a fascinating collection of stories that I enjoyed greatly.

This review is based on a complimentary copy provided by Netgalley and the publisher.

Mirror Interviews: Authors Wanted

Authors, interview yourselves. Don’t forget to ask yourself insightful and revealing questions.

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So, I’ve been thinking about doing a Wednesday feature here on Readful again as I haven’t done one in a while. Usually the Wednesday feature is a guest blog, and I’d like to keep that tradition running…sort of.

See, there’s two things. First thing: I was talking to an author the other day who pointed out that all author interviews seem to ask the same questions over and over. Not a lot of people pay attention to them, and it gets rather monotonous answering the same boring things all the time.

second thing: I’m lazy.

So, here is my solution:

I am looking for a handful of authors who want to to a blog interview. The catch is, I’m looking for a handful of authors who want to interview–themselves. Yep. I won’t send you any boring, already answered questions. I won’t ask you boxers or briefs or who would play…

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