The Paris Lawyer by Sylvie Granotier

The Paris LawyerThe Paris Lawyer by Sylvie Granotier

Description from Goodreads

As a child, Catherine Monsigny was the only witness to her mother’s death. 20 years later as an ambitious attorney in contemporary Paris, she catches a professional break when her boss assigns her to major felony case in rural France. An immigrant stands accused of poisoning her husband, but her secrets are not the only ones hidden in the scenic rolling hills of Creuse. While preparing the defense, Catherine is reunited with images of own past and a high-intensity search for two murderers ensues. Who can she believe? And what will Catherine do with her past should she discover it?

I gave this book four stars out of five

My thoughts:

I quite enjoyed this book. It was a relatively quick and easy read.

I liked the protagonist and found the story interesting. The character development and the back stories of the major players were well handled, with sufficient detail retained to leave some uncertainty about characters motives. I liked the fact that the author led me off in one direction and had me convinced early on of how the story would end, only to find that I was wrong in my assumptions.

One thing that I did not like about this book were the numerous dream sequences, or half remembered events from the past. I had trouble telling sometimes which parts were actually happening, which were real, and which harked back to times gone by.

There was a reasonable pace to the book, although I did find that the dream sequences interrupted progress at times.

I thought that the way the main story and primary sub plot were treated was excellent. I liked how they weaved in and out and took over precedence from one other, with what I had considered sub plot ultimately becoming the main thrust of the novel for me.

The conclusion to the story was surprising and I loved that I had not seen it coming too early on.

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys an easy to read thriller, mixed with a little romance. A clever plot, well executed. A most enjoyable read.

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