The Shadow

Awesome poem by a great young talent.

Poetry by Pamela

I am so pleased to present a poem by Avery Martin. Avery is 8 years old and has quite a future ahead of him with his writing. I love this poem. Avery won the national junior poet competition at his school. Don’t you agree that he has a bright future?

My shadow has a human
It doesn’t grow or stretch
My human is kinda boring
He won’t even play fetch.

My shadow has a human
That seems to follow me
Wherever I go
That human seems to be

I grow taller as the day wears on
But the human doesn’t change
He claims that I follow him
But I think that’s just strange

Everyone knows that shadows
have always been here
Before people roamed the earth
Shadows were still near

We could take the shape
Of a flower or a tree
We could walk alongside
A t-Rex or a bee

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