When You Say My Name

There is a singular joy to be experienced when the right person says your name. I get that special shiver of pleasure up my spine, when the love of my life, Ionia, says my name.

When you say my name,
My heart it skips a beat,
It fills my soul with joy,
It makes me feel complete.

When you say my name,
It takes my breath away,
Makes me believe in god,
And like I ought to pray.

When you say my name,
Whether Julian or Jules,
I know for you I’d break,
All the senseless rules.

When you say my name,
In your special way,
I know I want to be,
Right there, with you to stay.

When you say my name,
And I tell you, ‘I love you’,
I look towards that perfect day,
When we both shall say ‘I do’

14 thoughts on “When You Say My Name

  1. This is beautiful, Julian. I shall always say your name, with a smile upon my face. Especially now that you no longer try to murder us by switching lanes in traffic randomly.


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