When you call me

A beautiful poem, by the love of my life, Ionia.

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When I call your name
you are there
even when it cannot be

When I call your name
I feel the connection
you are here with me

When I look at you
I see the future looking back
When I look at you
I see all I’ve ever had

When you look at me
a crimson stain blushes my face
An appropriate response
to one who possesses every grace

When I dream of you
I wake to find a smile
Whether you are here
or separated from me by miles

You are all I ever wanted
and all that I shall need
that single missing piece
a love untouched and unhurried

Call it fate or kismet,
call it the heart’s free will,
but I’ve loved you forever
and promise I always will.

Me, it was a singular
for then there was no one
and then I discovered
you are…

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