Twas the night before Chri…..the Book Review Challenge!

Book review challenge – check it out.

Rosie Amber

Amber roseBook Review Challenge

“Twas the night before Chri…” opps!(The Wrong Book and exactly six months adrift)…The Book Review Challenge!

If you’re not familiar with the plain honesty of this blog, then COME ON IN, everyone’s welcome, there’s plenty of room, find yourself a cosy couch (Yes we spell things the English way and the typo way here.) I’m sure over the next few days I bubble over with so much enthusiasm to bend your ear and generally encourage you to take up a book and write a review, that I’ll offend a few readers with my typos and my opinions. I’d like to hope they’ll make you smile rather than cringe and that you’ll indulge me as I rabbit on.

So what have we got lined up for you?

Coming up on Wednesday 25th June – Book reviewing by Rosie Amber + easy to follow tips for writing your own review+ genres; moving out of your…

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