Faith We Will Get There

I have an indomitable faith that the ocean between us will soon disappear, one way or another. I know from the very bottom of my heart, from every atom in my body, that my soul shall be reunited with yours, its other half, and shall remain as one for all eternity. Nothing will ever stop me coming for you, Ionia.







Forever together
Always our desire,
I just need
To come
Home to you.

Wishing and hoping
Every day,

When will
I be
Living life with my

God I am so
To be coming home

To you
Heaven sent you
Ever for me,
Really together for

I love you, Ionia

Half a Lifetime








Half a lifetime
Spent alone
Not even knowing
I wasn’t alive
It only took a minute
To know this was right
And all of a sudden
I knew what life was
Being with,
The one that you love
This is a gift,
From heaven above
Sometimes we cannot,
be together
When all we want,
is together forever
That day will come
I know in my heart,
We shall be together,
Never apart
I cannot express
in words alone
The depth of my love
And desire for you
I just want to spend,
The rest of my life
Right by you side,
With you as my wife.
I love you, Ionia