Half a Lifetime








Half a lifetime
Spent alone
Not even knowing
I wasn’t alive
It only took a minute
To know this was right
And all of a sudden
I knew what life was
Being with,
The one that you love
This is a gift,
From heaven above
Sometimes we cannot,
be together
When all we want,
is together forever
That day will come
I know in my heart,
We shall be together,
Never apart
I cannot express
in words alone
The depth of my love
And desire for you
I just want to spend,
The rest of my life
Right by you side,
With you as my wife.
I love you, Ionia

6 thoughts on “Half a Lifetime

    • I agree. We did it right. Damn that stinky ocean though. I wish it would all just dry up (not likely with the weather here at the moment), or spring a leak or something. Then I would be running to you right now. I miss you so badly. I love you more than anything.


    • I think I would be skipping and skimming so lightly across the ocean floor that it would seem like I were floating. No doubt there would be many kettles of fish to be found. I will need sustenance for the journey, although I know that love would sustain me more than sushi.


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