Thought of the Day – Other Drivers

‘Other Drivers!’


Need I say more? I guess I probably should. However, I believe that propriety, the potential for libel related legal action, and fear for my own personal safety, are sufficient to prevent me from elaborating further. I am sure that you all get what I am saying.

15 thoughts on “Thought of the Day – Other Drivers

    • It certainly seems to be that way, doesn’t it. I cannot get over how one driver can be both hesitant and aggressive in their driving, but always acting the wrong way for the situation. Loads of room – I think I will wait, right up until the last moment and stiff the guy behind me. Fast moving traffic approaching – I think I will just pull out and make everyone brake sharply, etc, etc, etc.


    • I don’t have an issue with people doing the speed limit, that is sensible, so it probably wasn’t me 🙂 It is the dangerous drivers that have no consideration for others that get my goat.

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