Was it Really Turning

A few short lines, dedicated as always to the love of my life, Ionia Martin, thinking about how I could have believed that I was actually living before I met her.

The world appeared to be turning
Day passed into night
Something was always missing
Nothing seemed quite right

I was always searching
Something must fill that hollow
I would surely find what was lacking
Perhaps upon the morrow

A million thoughts pursued
A million roads part travelled
A million journeys ensued
My existence slowly unravelled

And then one fateful day
Whilst blogging about books
An angel came my way
One with most beauteous looks

And from this humble beginning
Love did surely grow
Now I know I’m winning
I’ve found what I didn’t know

You were what was missing
What unknowingly filled my soul
The one I’ll always be kissing
The completion of life’s goal

Now all that remains
Is to be together always
Enjoying unlimited gains
‘til the end of days

12 thoughts on “Was it Really Turning

  1. It’s hard to pick a favourite but this one is so touching it has to be top 3. I agree with you about the partly travelled roads…uhm…like the ones that end in Port Angeles. This is amazing. You are the best fiance in the world.


    • Thank you, my darling. I would have to say that you are the best fiancee in the world too. You are my every hope and dream fulfilled. Uhm, Port Angeles – not the best place to be at twilight, especially on the way back where the road Forks.


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