Spaghetti Strings


Balancing on spaghetti strings
Across the roiling sea.
Teetering, and tottering,
To where we want to be.

Traversing this endless minefield,
Is not an easy task.
We need a map, or compass,
A helpful, handy pass

Their words of advice are not,
Always useful tools.
Our minds are overloaded,
With oh so many rules.

But, no matter all these laws
That try to bind me here.
I will always come to you,
Have no doubt or fear.

I belong with you,
And you belong with me.
No matter what they try to do,
We shall make them see.

Our love it is transcendent,
And I am always yours.
Together we are perfect,
Our love it truly soars.

12 thoughts on “Spaghetti Strings

    • Thank you, Pam. That means a lot coming from such a talented poet as yourself.

      And by god we shall make them see,
      That together we will always be
      Nothing can keep you from me
      Eternally happy and free

      Eternity with Ionia is that perfection for which I yearn.


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