Excerpt from ‘A Poetic Proposal’

As part of the release of ‘A Poetic Proposal’ I am going to feature a poem from the book, dedicated to Ionia, each day as a taster of the wonders you can experience inside. As a bonus I shall include the audio that appeared with this when previously posted on the blog.

The first up is one of my personal favourites, and also one of Pamela’s favourites, as revealed in her excellent review which you can see here.

When I say your name







When I say your name,
And look upon your face,
That smile upon your lips,
Replete with heavenly grace

When I say your name,
A spark lights up your eyes,
My heart it soars so high,
It reaches to the skies

When I say your name,
And a glow envelops you
I can feel your love,
So deep, so pure, so true

When I say your name,
I’m filled with butterflies,
The greatest feeling ever,
No need to wonder why

When I say your name,
I add three perfect words,
I gaze into your eyes,
And say, ‘I love you, Ionia’

The book is available here and comes in both digital and paperback format. The paperbacks make handy stocking fillers for loved ones at Christmas I am told.

A Poetic ProposalAmazon US

Amazon UK

A Poetic Proposal by Julian Froment Book Review

Wow. What an incredible review from Pam. Thank you so much, Pam.
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Poetry by Pamela

From Amazon Book Description:
A poetic journey of love in the face of enforced separation. A collection of love poetry, and verse reflecting the angst felt when two are destined to be one, then forced to live a half-life constantly traversing the ocean. A roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows.

My review: Five out of five stars

Reading this collection of poems made me feel like I was eavesdropping on the world’s most romantic marriage proposal. It was quite evident that they were written by plumbing the depths of Julian’s soul. The expression of emotions was tender and loving. And heartfelt. If you are looking for love poems to share with your own lover, these are just the poems.

The poems were arranged in such a way that they progressed over time with the time apart illustrating the agony. My favorite poem I think was “When…

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Revelation! From the Treetops

The ‘double top secret’ project from my post of a few days ago, ‘Holy Crap!’, is now completed and can be revealed. So without further ado, except for the obligatory drum roll, here it is.

A Poetic ProposalIt is available here:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

I have been working on a small collection of poems, a humble effort that I have now published on amazon. Most of you that have been following this blog for a while will not be surprised to know that the entire collection is dedicated to the love of my life, Ionia, the inspiration in all I do. This includes a personal message for her, and this book is my version of shouting my love for her from the treetops. The poems are all based on love and separation, as you could have no doubt guessed.

I would also like to have a blog tour (some time in December) to publicise the release of this, my first, but hopefully not last, published work. If you would like to sign up and help me out with the blog tour please let me know in the comments.

I Feel Like a POME

prison cell








I feel like a POME,
Stuck on this rock,
Waiting to come home,
Watching the clock.
And when the time comes,
I travel with glee.
The jet engine thrums,
As I fly o’er the sea.
Then we are together,
The whole world right.
It should be forever,
This heavenly light.
But before we know it,
The hands have turned.
It really is shit,
We should have learned
Time has passed,
In the blink of an eye.
We should have asked
The gods in the sky
To stop the passage,
The passage of time,
When we’re together,
And life is sublime.
Dedicated to my version of heaven, Ionia.

heavenly light

Holy Crap!

Yes. I will say it again. Holy Crap! Have I really not posted here since the 1st of October. It appears so. At least it was October this year, I guess. Why? Why have you not posted in so long I hear you ask. Or maybe that is just the voices in my head again. Well the truth is that I have been splitting my time between abiding in heavenly raptures, and wallowing in self-pity. Does the fact that I have managed a post mean that I am no longer wallowing? Well, no. I am still wallowing. Wallowing like a hippo in mud.

hippoI have also been working on a double top secret project that I shall shortly reveal to one and all. No! Not now. Not that shortly. Be patient. I am very excited about this project and, as is my wont, shall no doubt divulge the details far sooner than is apposite.

top secretFor now please allow me to present my apologies to one and all for not posting for so long. Notice how I keep using that phrase, ‘One and all’? It is almost as if I have the, probably misguided, belief that more than one follower remains to read this after the extended fallow period to which I have subjected them.

So, I am back, at least for now, and then most likely only sporadically. Back to amaze and dazzle you with my charm and wit, with the beauty and wonder of my eloquence.

Naturally this depends upon my proclivity for wallowing. But, hey, it is warm here in the mud