Blog Tour Volunteers Wanted

To mark the release of ‘A Poetic Proposal’, my poetry collection dedicated to, Ionia, I would like to have a small blog tour in a couple of weeks. I would really appreciate as many people signing up, in the comments below, as possible. Thank you to those that have already expressed an interest.

I will create a schedule, then provide the appropriate html and instructions for you to be able to simply copy and paste, then publish.

Thank you in advance.

Since I am still giddy about being able to express my love publicly for Ionia in a published work, here are the details again.

A Poetic Proposal

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Don’t forget, the paperbacks will make handy stocking fillers for friends and family this Christmas 🙂

15 thoughts on “Blog Tour Volunteers Wanted

    • I am not positive. Probably a little earlier since I shall be travelling to the US just before Christmas and will be otherwise occupied. When is your cover reveal and release? I would rather not clash with you.


      • My cover reveal will hopefully be this Friday and the release would be the next Friday. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about clashing since you’re poetry and I’m fantasy novels. The only thing it means is that I shouldn’t be scheduled for the next two Fridays.


      • Okay. Sounds like a plan. I will make sure not to schedule you for a Friday. Good luck with everything. Just let me know what you need me to do and when. I am leaving for the US on the 19th, so as long as it is before then it is no problem – I can always schedule posts for after then, but won’t be doing much actual preparation of posts after then.


      • I should have my book out by then, so the cover reveal will have happened. I’m hoping to get at least 10 volunteers for it, but I think I’m only at 8 or 9. The tours and reveals always seem to be the harder parts. I’m guessing you’ll be silent during your entire time here.


  1. I don’t think I can do a blog tour, Julian. I’m going to purchase your book, though, and review it on my blog. I hope that will be of some help.
    Glad to read you’ll be spending the holidays with Ionia and family.


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