Excerpt 5 from ‘A Poetic Proposal’

Another featured poem from, ‘A Poetic Proposal’, my collection of poetry dedicated to Ionia, as an hors d’ouvre to the poetry you can experience inside.

Again, this poem appeared previously on the blog, in May 2014.

Just To Be Here

Just to be here,
In this place,
To see the look,
Upon your face.

Just to be here,
The same time,
Is such a crime.

Just to be here,
With my love,
Makes me believe,
In heaven above.

Just to be here,
With my girl,
Makes my heart,
Spin and whirl.

Just to be here,
Alone with you,
Is all I ever,
Want to do.

The book is available here and comes in both digital and paperback format. Stocking fillers! Don’t forget.

A Poetic ProposalAmazon US

Amazon UK

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