A Poetic Proposal Blog Tour Starts Tomorrow

So, following my post yesterday regarding the reasons ‘Why We Write Poetry’ – thanks to everyone that commented, there were some extremely insightful and interesting comments well worth checking out – I am back to the shameless plugging of my poetry collection.

As part of the release of ‘A Poetic Proposal’ there will be a short blog tour this week, taking in a few hops around some of the best blogs about. I do not want to say much now, but keep an eye out for the posts.

I would just like to give thanks in advance to everyone that volunteered to help with this. Your help is greatly appreciated.

The book is available here and comes in both digital and paperback format.

A Poetic Proposal


Amazon US

Amazon UK

2 thoughts on “A Poetic Proposal Blog Tour Starts Tomorrow

  1. I think this collection speaks to me because my husband and I spent so many years doing the long distance thing… What was supposed to be a few months became eight years. Sometimes what doesn’t kill us doesn’t make us all that much stronger either.


    • I am glad that you are enjoying this collection of poems. Interesting to hear of the many years of long distance that you went through. It is extremely tough, many people do not realise, especially when you are looking at being in different countries and the whole immigration issue.

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