When I Wake

When I wake,
By your side,
My heart and soul,
No more to hide

Just one look,
Into your eyes,
I wish again,
No more goodbyes

When I kiss,
Your perfect lips,
My heart it leaps,
And totally flips

I brush my hand,
Across your hair,
I’ve never seen,
A maid so fair

My heart it beats,
A mighty tattoo,
Every one,
Just for you

Just to spend,
Each day with you,
By your side,
My love so true.

I’ll Change My Flag







Alone again,
On this desolate isle.
Trapped in a chain,
No desire to smile.

Dreaming of then,
When together we were.
Dreaming of then,
When together we’ll be.

Thoughts of us,
Lift my heart.
Thoughts of us,
Never apart.

Days will pass,
Night times too.
No need to ask,
I’ll come back to you.

Time it does drag,
Until that day.
I’ll change my flag,
When we find a way.

I love you, Ionia.