When I Wake

When I wake,
By your side,
My heart and soul,
No more to hide

Just one look,
Into your eyes,
I wish again,
No more goodbyes

When I kiss,
Your perfect lips,
My heart it leaps,
And totally flips

I brush my hand,
Across your hair,
I’ve never seen,
A maid so fair

My heart it beats,
A mighty tattoo,
Every one,
Just for you

Just to spend,
Each day with you,
By your side,
My love so true.

10 thoughts on “When I Wake

    • I am always sad when Ionia and I are apart. I guess this comes through in my poetry, filled with love and longing, a yearning for the other half of my soul, ungraciously ripped away from me by rules and regulations, but tinged with sadness at our separation.

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  1. So after much thought and a few different deletes on this comment I have decided to go and ask the important stuff. Are you married? Any interest in marrying me? Can I change your flag? I’ll even keep the same colours, just in a slightly different arrangement.

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