Occupational Hazard

Check out the life of the Artist at Work, Ionia Martin, on J and I Publishing.

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I’m not a lefty or a righty most of the time, I’m a bothy. When it comes to illustrations, however, I use my right hand exclusively, as it is the steadier of the two and just makes working with different mediums a lot easier.

The thing is, after a while, the finger (and yes, I mean The Finger) that the pens rest against begins to resemble mince. So what do I do about this? The most mature thing possible. I go and find bandages that will help protect the poor finger.

I refuse to walk around with an ugly-brown-plaster-finger because I, folks, am a lady and I must be fashionable at all times. Except on Sundays when I look as though I have fallen out of bed and into life, but that is another matter.

Either way, no plain band-aids for this kid. So here’s a current sampling of…

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Thursday – A Little Personal – His Revenge Sale Coming Soon #RRBC #ASMSG

Fiction Favorites

His Revenge front final

Normally I don’t do a lot of promotion of my books here on Fiction Favorites. Yes, the sidebar contains everything anyone needs to know about the content and sales links to His Revenge and My GRL. Now and then it is necessary to interrupt regular programming with a commercial message.

Today I’m giving all you buyers who are heading over to your favorite e-book outlet to buy His Revenge permission to STAND DOWN.

DO NOT BUY HIS REVENGE TODAY. You see I’m running a $0.99 cent sale on His Revenge Kindle edition beginning on March 3rd until March 6th including an Ereader News Today feature. Yes, that is $0.99 US and €0.99 in the UK. I’ll provide more detail, but for now, HOLD OFF BUYING HIS REVENGE until March 3rd (and then buy all you want after all it is only $0.0000107 per word)

If you are not familiar with His…

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Creative Calm Series – New Lower Price

It is always good to see lower prices for good books. Check out the new look J and I Publishing site too.

J and I Publishing

Having carried out further research into the adult color book market and indicative pricing, J and I Publishing have decided to reduce the price of the Creative Calm series. We noticed that many adult color books were retailing close to $10 each on Amazon. Since we are proud of the creations that we offer, and firmly believe in the relaxation, mindfulness, and stress relief effects that can be achieved from the act of coloring, we wanted to make this series more accessible.

As a result of this we have lowered the price of each of the books in the Creative Calm series to retail for $6.99 on Amazon US and £4.86 on Amazon UK. We feel that even though this reduces the profit that will accrue to us, it will help bring our books to a wider audience that we hope will benefit greatly from them.

All books are…

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A Legacy

A great post and an amazing book of original Artwork

readful things blog

My dad taught me to draw. In the beginning it was just doodles and random things. We would go out on nature walks and he would point out animal tracks and different patterns in the bark of trees, the shape of leaves and clouds in the sky that resembled animals. He taught me to create reflections by looking at water and watching the way it rippled outward as it was disturbed. He taught me to find beauty in the most barren of places and to appreciate the things we tend to overlook with an artist’s eye.

We would go home after these adventures and he would pull out a sketch book and show me how to transform the natural world into detailed pictures, and as I grew older, I took the things he taught me and made them my own. He was always telling me that there is no “wrong…

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Creative Calm Volumes 24 and 25

Color the feel of Summer and Fall

J and I Publishing

The latest volumes of the Creative Calm Series are now available on Amazon and Createspace. These volumes complete the ‘Seasons’ theme featuring ‘Summer’ and ‘Fall’.

creative calm 24 SummerAmazon US

Amazon UK

creative calm 25 FallAmazon US

Amazon UK

Happy Coloring.

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I have a confession. Maybe not a confession but an admission. Maybe neither. Maybe an inkling, nay a suspicion if you will, that I have an obsession. But pray tell, I hear you say, what is this obsession of which thee speak? Is it some sordid, sinful secret? Some base dissolute proclivity?

Raise thy heads from the gutter, I beseech thee. It is such an obsession the like of which one cannot imagine. In all the realms of the ancient world, such a mania has ne’er been seen.

Okay! Okay! I will shut up now and reveal all. Well not all, literally, but some small morsel.

I have a fascination with post-it notes. Those awesome stickies that come in all shapes and sizes. Oh how I am fascinated by them.

Here are just a few of my enviable collection. A collection that would have matched that of the Library of Alexandria, had post-its been part of its catalogue. Which between you and I, I believe they should have been, and possibly even were. How could they not have been.


Creative Calm Books 21 – 23

Latest Creative Calm releases from J and I Publishing. Also check out the Amazon Author Page at http://amazon.com/author/jandipublishing

J and I Publishing

J and I Publishing have just released the latest three books in the Creative Calm Seriies of Adult Coloring Books for your coloring pleasure. These three books all follow a basic theme.

Volume 21 follows the theme of ‘Wings’, Volume 22 the theme of ‘Nature’, whilst Volume 23 is entitled ‘Gingerbread Forest’.

We hope that you will enjoy the relaxation effects and stress relief that can be achieved by coloring and that these books will aid your entire wellbeing.

creative calm 21 WingsAmazon US

Amazon UK

creative calm 22 NatureAmazon US

Amazon UK

creative calm 23 Gingerbread ForestAmazon US

Amazon UK

Happy Coloring!

Please check out our Amazon Author Page.

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F*cking, F*ck, F*ck, F*ck!

Check out Cuss ‘n’ Color, the new, truly adult coloring book from J and I publishing, with illustrations by Ionia Martin.

readful things blog

J and I publishing (click to visit our spanking new blog–no, not new spanking blog…dirty minds) has been busy. I apologise that I haven’t been around much answering comments and dropping in to see how things are going, but I’ve been creating another Ionia masterpiece. (Really I’ve been messing around with art supplies like a little kid in kindergarten.)

For those of you who have one of those days recently, or know someone who has, here’s a little something fun to do. Sorry, Chris. I’ve tried to curb the swearing, but it is an addiction.

51rokqwhgbl-_sx385_bo1204203200_Amazon US

Amazon UK

J and I Publishing Author Page (We have tons more color books and this is the only truly adult one…kittens, puppies and all things innocent in the others.)

Ever just have one of those days where you want to randomly shout swear words but resist because you are at work or…

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Prepare for a Calm and Creative Easter

An opportunity to revise your plans for Easter and spend the holidays coloring instead.

J and I Publishing

Another fine selection of relaxing adult coloring books have been released in the Creative Calm Series for your pleasure and enjoyment. Here is an opportunity to prepare in advance for a calm and creative Easter.

Books 17 through 20 are now available from Amazon, and also from CreateSpace.

Who can resist the lure of coloring cute little bunnies, cuddly chicks, and intricately decorated eggs? No-one, I am sure.

To help you get the most from your Easter this year we have a couple of titles geared specifically towards the holiday period.

Volume 17, ‘Easter’, is a collection of coloring images with the Easter season prominent at the forefront. Alternatively why not embark on a trip from the comfort of your own home with the ‘Around the World’ edition of Creative Calm. See the world and horizons anew, without ever having to leave your seat.

Volumes 19 and 20 are a…

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Creative Calm 11-14 Now Available

Come check out the latest ‘J and I Publishing’ releases. The only place to get the latest news.

J and I Publishing

Check out the latest releases from J and I Publishing.

Volume 11 of Creative Calm is another random mix of coloring images. Volume 12 is themed on images of cities and city life. Take a trip to the forest in volume 13 and then enjoy the grace and beauty, or even the practicality, of gardens in volume 14.

creative calm 11Amazon US

Amazon UK

creative calm 12Amazon US

Amazon UK

Creative Calm 13Amazon US

Amazon UK

creative calm 14Amazon US

Amazon UK

Relax and have fun.

Happy coloring.

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