Creative Calm Volumes 24 and 25

Color the feel of Summer and Fall

J and I Publishing

The latest volumes of the Creative Calm Series are now available on Amazon and Createspace. These volumes complete the ‘Seasons’ theme featuring ‘Summer’ and ‘Fall’.

creative calm 24 SummerAmazon US

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creative calm 25 FallAmazon US

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Happy Coloring.

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I have a confession. Maybe not a confession but an admission. Maybe neither. Maybe an inkling, nay a suspicion if you will, that I have an obsession. But pray tell, I hear you say, what is this obsession of which thee speak? Is it some sordid, sinful secret? Some base dissolute proclivity?

Raise thy heads from the gutter, I beseech thee. It is such an obsession the like of which one cannot imagine. In all the realms of the ancient world, such a mania has ne’er been seen.

Okay! Okay! I will shut up now and reveal all. Well not all, literally, but some small morsel.

I have a fascination with post-it notes. Those awesome stickies that come in all shapes and sizes. Oh how I am fascinated by them.

Here are just a few of my enviable collection. A collection that would have matched that of the Library of Alexandria, had post-its been part of its catalogue. Which between you and I, I believe they should have been, and possibly even were. How could they not have been.