7 Signs a Person is Suffering from Author Fatigue

Fun Post wiith some important medical advice contained herein.

Legends of Windemere

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Does this really need an intro?  Sure most, if not all, of us have been here at some point.  This is possibly a new thing I’ll do from time to time, which was inspired by John W. Howell’s Ten 10 Lists on Mondays.

  1. You start dreaming about editing and it steadily becomes a nightmare.  Their, there, and they’re attack out of the shadows.  You’re strapped to a chair and forced to watch all of your greatest typos play out in front of a giant crowd.  Also, you’re naked and the dog ate your manuscript.  Not sure where the dog came from, but it looks remarkably like your old English teacher who swore you wouldn’t be able to write your name much less a novel.
  2. You sit down to write at the laptop and blast away an epic chapter that is the best you’ve ever done.  Your…

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Is the Amazon Green?


Well, I am pretty sure that the jungle is, and no doubt the river itself in places. But that is not the Amazon I am referring to here. I will explain further.

With all the recent build up to St Patrick’s Day on the 17th day of the month of March, in the year of our Lord Two Thousand, One Hundred and Sixteen, and the prominence of the green with which these festivities abound, I got to thinking. Whoah! Careful now, I hear you say. Don’t strain yourself. Okay! Okay! So, I got to thinking about green of a different nature. Here goes.

So why is it that when I order a single book, let’s say 8” x 8” and less than an inch deep, that it arrives in a box 30” x 24” x 8” or so. Stuffed with brown paper, or bubble wrap. This seems to be extremely wasteful, environmentally unfriendly, and economically unsound. This would not seem to make any sort of corporate sense either. If this were a one off I could perhaps understand, but it seems to be the norm, rather than the exception.

In this current age of ‘going green’, caring for the environment and packaging reduction requirements hitting many businesses, it seems a little ethically irresponsible that one of the biggest companies in the world appears to be neglecting a large section of their Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. Still, I like to get my packages as quickly and easily as the next person, and love the convenience of shopping online with Amazon. I am sure they have their reasons.

Just some food for thought, I guess.

Mother’s Day – Ooops!

For all the mothers out there, from those of us that love thee.

J and I Publishing


Mother’s Day UK 6th March 2016 – Oops? Did you forget?

Well I have an opinion.

How does the saying go?

‘A puppy is forever, not just for Christmas.’

Well, I say ‘A mother is forever, not just for mother’s day’.

Did you forget mother’s day, or do you just want to show your mother that you care?

Remembering mother’s day can be difficult with our busy lives, especially when it occurs on different days in different countries. Do not let that worry you. Let her know how she has colored every single day of your life, with J and I Publishing’s latest adult coloring book dedicated to mother’s and motherhood, designed for every day of the year, not just that one prescribed commercial holiday.

Honor your mother and give the gift of color.



Mothers are wonderful. They take the time to teach us, to help us grow…

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