Mother’s Day – Ooops!

For all the mothers out there, from those of us that love thee.

J and I Publishing


Mother’s Day UK 6th March 2016 – Oops? Did you forget?

Well I have an opinion.

How does the saying go?

‘A puppy is forever, not just for Christmas.’

Well, I say ‘A mother is forever, not just for mother’s day’.

Did you forget mother’s day, or do you just want to show your mother that you care?

Remembering mother’s day can be difficult with our busy lives, especially when it occurs on different days in different countries. Do not let that worry you. Let her know how she has colored every single day of your life, with J and I Publishing’s latest adult coloring book dedicated to mother’s and motherhood, designed for every day of the year, not just that one prescribed commercial holiday.

Honor your mother and give the gift of color.



Mothers are wonderful. They take the time to teach us, to help us grow…

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