Thank you Wendell for helping to promote Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero, which will now be available for free. Looking back at the first book of my series, I’ve beginningofaheropicked up on how it’s become darker. Yet there’s still some humor in there to prevent things from going entirely over the edge.

When Luke Callindor’s adventures started, he would stumble into comical situations and there was a joking comradery with his friends. This was definitely a lighthearted YA romp full of action and amusement. Beginning of a Hero had some emotional and semi-dark events, which usually involved the Lich or the Hellfire Elf. Still, even the bad guys had the occasional moment of levity. The book was definitely a different beast than the later ones.

I’m not sure when things changed so much, but I’m pretty sure it can be blamed on a certain villain showing up in…

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