Forthcoming Release – Majestic Reimaginings

J and I Publishing are very proud to announce the forthcoming release of a new hand drawn adult color book by the very talented Ionia Froment. This book is a collection of diverse landscapes and is full of beautiful, majestic drawings. Each picture is accompanied by a poem by Julian Froment inspired by the landscape. This book will be available as both an adult coloring book and as a special artist’s edition.

As a taster of what you can expect from this beautiful book we have an image and the acccompanying poem for you. We hope that you enjoy them. Further details of the release will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

LS Promo Pic final

Up Above

Suspended in the air,
An overarching view
Of beauty most fair,
To enter into

An old arched bridge,
Spanning a patchwork path,
A protective rail,
A merry laugh.

A watery artery,
Meanders past undulant slopes,
An exhilarating sight,
Feeding our dreams and hopes.

A forest of firs,
A vibrant firework display,
Red, green and gold,
Soothes our minds melee.

And down below,
Azaleas bloom,
Touching the banks,
With intense perfume.

May and June Book Reviews

Some wonderful reviews here 🙂

Poetry by Pamela

A few books I read and their reviews. If you are looking for a good book to read this summer, I can’t say enough good things about both The Butterfly Garden and The Paris Key. They were both excellent. I’m sure The Butterfly Garden will be on my top 5 list or 2016. I did read a couple of stinkers though and wish I hadn’t wasted my time with them.

Midsummer at Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray – 4 stars

This was the third book in the trilogy. While the first two were wonderful, this third book seemed a bit forced. But I usually feel that way with a series so it may not be the author, but me! This concluded (with a wrap up in the epilogue) the books about Jane Eyre after Jane Eyre. This has been a good series, well written and imagined. I would think that…

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How to Color

Check out this great new How to book on the benefits of Adult Coloring

J and I Publishing

As a publisher of quality adult coloring books, a question that often arises is how to color. This may seem basic at first sight, but as with all things, the deeper you look into it the more complex and overwhelming it can become.

Many people are interested in the whole process, and in particular the health and stress relief benefits that can be obtained from coloring.

J and I Publishing are pleased to be able to announce the release of a brand new book chock full of useful and interesting information regarding the use of adult coloring books for relaxation and meditation. Written by a talented and accomplished color book artist, and advocate of the all-round benefits of art and adult coloring, Ionia Froment, this book is filled with the benefits of her extensive knowledge and includes many personal experiences and anecdotes. This book is a perfect accompaniment to…

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New Hand Drawn Adult Color Book

Check out the amazing art work by Ionia Froment in her new hand drawn adult color book..

J and I Publishing

J and I Publishing are pleased to announce the release of a new hand drawn color book by the incredibly talented Ionia Froment. Inspired by her love of both art and the outdoors this is a wonderful collection of coloring images to stimulate and arouse the mind and emotions. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Birds, Birdhouses and Florals



Step out into your back yard for a peaceful and relaxing experience full of beautiful birdsong and the delicate scent of flowers floating on the breeze. In this hand-drawn coloring book, you will find a wide variety of intricate designs to color and make your own. Each image is inspired by birds and nature as well as plants and flowers of many different varieties. Pick up your favorite coloring tools and make these delightful designs your own. Single-sided pages allow you to color without worry…

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