New Hand Drawn Adult Color Book

Check out the amazing art work by Ionia Froment in her new hand drawn adult color book..

J and I Publishing

J and I Publishing are pleased to announce the release of a new hand drawn color book by the incredibly talented Ionia Froment. Inspired by her love of both art and the outdoors this is a wonderful collection of coloring images to stimulate and arouse the mind and emotions. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Birds, Birdhouses and Florals



Step out into your back yard for a peaceful and relaxing experience full of beautiful birdsong and the delicate scent of flowers floating on the breeze. In this hand-drawn coloring book, you will find a wide variety of intricate designs to color and make your own. Each image is inspired by birds and nature as well as plants and flowers of many different varieties. Pick up your favorite coloring tools and make these delightful designs your own. Single-sided pages allow you to color without worry…

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