What’s in a Book?


At the Beach

A deserted beach
Not a soul around
Not a person in sight
Nor any human sound

But soundless, oh no
There’s the rolling waves
The sound of gulls crying
And the seal as he bathes

A rock that looks
Like a basking seal
Whitecaps and rocks
And a gentle dull roar

Driftwood shapes
A dolphin, some whales
Remnants of weather
Of stormy gales

Your head on my thigh
The sound of the waves
As there we lie
On a dull chilly morn

The mist in the trees
Verdant green hills
Windless lees
Memorable times

For this, and other random poetry, check out ‘Who Want’s a Theme Anyway?’ here:

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A collection of poetry celebrating the beauty of the random. There is no thematic link to these poems, they touch upon almost any subject that crossed the author’s mind in the moment. They were born from a series of journal notes made over the course of a number of months. This collection is an eclectic mix of poems and range from love poetry to landscapes, children, paranormal, science and technology, and animals, with a lot of other topics thrown in for good measure.

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