The beauty of
The early morn
Watching the sunrise
The breaking of dawn

And so begins
A brand new day
A new beginning
In every way

From out the dark
And into the light
The dawn of possibilities
A heavenly sight

Out with the old
And in with the new
The splendour of life
The morning dew

The privilege one feels
To share this wonder
Uplifts your soul
Tears worries asunder

Nature’s majesty
And universal power
Above all things
Doth surely tower

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A collection of poetry celebrating the beauty of the random. There is no thematic link to these poems, they touch upon almost any subject that crossed the author’s mind in the moment. They were born from a series of journal notes made over the course of a number of months. This collection is an eclectic mix of poems and range from love poetry to landscapes, children, paranormal, science and technology, and animals, with a lot of other topics thrown in for good measure.

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