My life with you
Is a life unsurpassed
So far exceeding
The dreams of the past

Each day with you
Filled with wonder and joy
So far exceeding
My dreams as a boy

A mere glimpse of you
Heavenly chorals are sung
So far exceeding
My dreams when young

But dreams have a habit
Of changing over time
And now those dreams
Are no longer just mine

Shared, those dreams
Of a future sublime
As we build our life
Together for all time

The Call

For the one I love, Ionia.

A gentle ring
The dulcet tone
Of a bell resounds
Inside my head

My heart does stutter
And skips a beat
As across the room
Our eyes do meet

A faltered breath
A sharp intake
Transcendence before me,
Make no mistake

A vision of beauty
Of heavenly descent
Perfection on earth
A miraculous event

The wonder, the joy
Of being yours
Through every impediment
Our love endures

And again I hear
That ringing inside
Leading me back
A perpetual guide

The bell, a call
To the altar of love
For you are always
My eternal love

A Clarion Call

To the most amazing woman ever, Ionia.

Angels trumpeted
From heaven on high
Cherubim swooned
And heaved a deep sigh

Cupid appeared
And aiming his dart
Fired straight and true
Piercing my heart

A magical moment
A thunderclap sound
A perfect love
We both there found

The earth still spins
And orbits the sun
But my world shifted
When your heart was won

A mere existence
Became a new life
All thanks to you
My perfect wife

Always, forever,
And eternally
The most perfect love
There could ever be.

That Inner Light

That inner light
That shines within
Pours forth from deep
Inside of you

That ineffable essence
That defines your being
You share with me
A heart most willing

The windows to your soul
Those beautiful eyes
Those lips of wonder
Deliver kisses so sweet

My heart belongs
Entwined with yours
As does my soul
And bodily being

Your beauty unparalleled
And mind unmatched
Heart, soul, and body
Perfection, in fact

Another perfection
Is that of we two
Because more than anything