The Spinning World Cycle 2 – Reading

As promised, here is the second part of the spinning world cycle. Anyone still there?

And still it doesn’t turn







And since the world stopped spinning

and day turned into night

Separated from

the one that is my light


Everything I do

and everything I think

Is to bring me back to you

within an eye’s blink

The Spinning World Cycle 1 – Reading

There were a couple of votes for the reading of, ‘And Now the World it Spins Again’. I thought that I would therefore read that, but to put it in context by reading the other poems in the cycle. So to that end, I shall begin here with ‘The World will Stop Turning’, and post one reading each hour until climaxing with the requested reading. Hopefully some of you will still be with me at the end. Sorry about the poor quality of some of the recordings. So here goes

The World Will Stop Turning






In a few short hours

My world will stop turning

This separation of ours

This heart filled with yearning


I know it will not last

I know there’ll be an end

Eventually this will pass

Our life as we intend


Still, it does not stop the hurt

It does not stop the pain

Even though we have

Everything to gain


Finally together

No longer forced apart

Always and forever

One single heart

A Poem for a Poetry Reading – On Gossamer Wings

To continue the poetry readings that I have been posting, here is another one. I have to admit that I am quite enjoying posting these readings. I thought that on this occasion I would introduce the reading of ‘On Gossamer Wings’, with another little verse.

This poetry reading is dedicated
To the one I love
The one that is my everything
A gift from up above

Who can this woman be
Well, her name is Ionia
I am sure you all can see
How incredibly I love her







On Gossamer Wings

On gossamer wings,
On gossamer wings,
My heart it flies to you.
To be together,
‘till the end of days
Is all that’s left to do.

Flying high,
‘cross the ocean blue,
To where it now belongs.
Cradled within,
A soul so true,
Amidst angelic song.

And soon now,
Oh, so very soon,
The body will be along.
To join the heart,
To fill the void,
Back where I belong.

Never a Sin – More Words

Another poetry reading dedicated, as always, to my one true love, Ionia.








Never a Sin

Smoothly I slide in
You arching back
Deeper I push
Inside of you

You pull me closer
All the way in
Something this pleasurable
Cannot be a sin

In and out
Back and forth
Until in ecstasy
We run our course

Visages of bliss
And gasping breath
A long, lingering kiss
A pause to recover

A look in your eyes
A twitch of your lips
A perfect combination
Of all of our bits

Always Missing You – The Vocal Track

As promised I have selected one of the voted for poems and have recorded it. Not very good quality I am afraid, all of my studio gear is packed away at present. This poem has a great deal of meaning for me and as always, both the poem and the reading are dedicated to the love of my life, Ionia. Now, let’s see if we can get this to actually work.










I miss you from thousands of miles away,

Or even just a few.

You guide my life in every way,

I am not me without you


I visit all those places,

The ones for me and you.

Like where you first spoke to me,

And life began anew


Little could I have known then,

What you’d come to mean to me.

Our love it has flourished,

O’er the deep blue sea.


You are to me, my everything.

My world, my heart, my life.

The greatest day of all will come

When you become my wife.


I will be doing readings of the other poems if this works well enough. I value your opinion in the comments.