Is the Amazon Green?


Well, I am pretty sure that the jungle is, and no doubt the river itself in places. But that is not the Amazon I am referring to here. I will explain further.

With all the recent build up to St Patrick’s Day on the 17th day of the month of March, in the year of our Lord Two Thousand, One Hundred and Sixteen, and the prominence of the green with which these festivities abound, I got to thinking. Whoah! Careful now, I hear you say. Don’t strain yourself. Okay! Okay! So, I got to thinking about green of a different nature. Here goes.

So why is it that when I order a single book, let’s say 8” x 8” and less than an inch deep, that it arrives in a box 30” x 24” x 8” or so. Stuffed with brown paper, or bubble wrap. This seems to be extremely wasteful, environmentally unfriendly, and economically unsound. This would not seem to make any sort of corporate sense either. If this were a one off I could perhaps understand, but it seems to be the norm, rather than the exception.

In this current age of ‘going green’, caring for the environment and packaging reduction requirements hitting many businesses, it seems a little ethically irresponsible that one of the biggest companies in the world appears to be neglecting a large section of their Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. Still, I like to get my packages as quickly and easily as the next person, and love the convenience of shopping online with Amazon. I am sure they have their reasons.

Just some food for thought, I guess.


I have a confession. Maybe not a confession but an admission. Maybe neither. Maybe an inkling, nay a suspicion if you will, that I have an obsession. But pray tell, I hear you say, what is this obsession of which thee speak? Is it some sordid, sinful secret? Some base dissolute proclivity?

Raise thy heads from the gutter, I beseech thee. It is such an obsession the like of which one cannot imagine. In all the realms of the ancient world, such a mania has ne’er been seen.

Okay! Okay! I will shut up now and reveal all. Well not all, literally, but some small morsel.

I have a fascination with post-it notes. Those awesome stickies that come in all shapes and sizes. Oh how I am fascinated by them.

Here are just a few of my enviable collection. A collection that would have matched that of the Library of Alexandria, had post-its been part of its catalogue. Which between you and I, I believe they should have been, and possibly even were. How could they not have been.


Why We Write Poetry

With the release of my poetry collection, ‘A Poetic Proposal’, I have been pondering, musing if you will, on why it is that we write poetry. Reflecting further upon what I consider a rather interesting question, I came up with a few reasons why it is that I like to write poetry.

We will get on to some of those thoughts shortly. I figured that there must be as many different reasons for writing poetry as there are poets out there. What is it that motivates us? Is every poet different or are there commonalities that can be observed? What is it that gave each of us that first initial spark, that push to write poetry?

Not satisfied with just my own thoughts and opinions I decided to garner those of some of my favourite, blogging poets to help me answer this question. It was very illuminating to discover why it is that each of them writes poetry.

Personally, I have always had a fondness for words, and for language in general, for puns, wordplay, and rhymes. I used to invent myriad little rhymes, couplets, and wordplays, but being the lewd Englishman many of them are not suitable for public consumption, not even here in the sanctity of this blog reserved for ‘Life, Literature, and Lewd Comments’.

I also enjoy the intellectual challenge of trying to convey my thoughts, feelings, emotions, in words.

I never really found that I had much to say in the past. Then one day, like a blinding light from the heavens above, I went and fell in love. It was as if my heart and soul exploded in a shower of coruscating light, an iridescence of bright, blinding colours, and just like that I suddenly had something to say.

There were a million raging emotions coursing through my head, trying to escape the confines of my mind, my heart, my soul. I now had a reason. A reason to write, to express myself to someone, to the woman that I love. I wanted her to know how I felt about her, for her to be able to experience the emotions that she excited within me. I am fully aware that mere words are insufficient to fully relate these emotions, but I want to do my utmost to convey these feelings to her, and also to others. To show the world how I feel.

So, that is me. My motivation for writing poetry, but what about some others. Below I have quoted the thoughts of three of my favourite poets, Dominic, Pamela, and Ellespeth. I heartily recommend reading their blogs and experiencing their poetry for yourselves.

‘I have written poetry since I was a pre-teen, primarily because I loved words, but also because I felt that I had something important to say, at least as much as any pre-teen boy could.  As a very shy person by nature, I was never comfortable speaking my thoughts and feelings verbally, though I was quite comfortable putting them on paper and I found poetry to be the perfect avenue.  I stopped writing poetry through much of my teenage and adult years up until a few years ago and from the first moment that I put pen to paper after this long absence it has almost become an addiction.  I guess in the end I write poetry for the sheer love of it.’Dominic DiFranceso, Black and Write

‘I think that writing poetry started as a way to get my feelings out of my heart and head. The longer I have written though I find that I need to write. Writing poetry has been a way to express myself. Poetry (at least the forms I use) forces me to be very intentional with my words.’Pamela Beckford, Poetry by Pamela

Despite her lovely words, Pamela prefers to use poetry, in this case a tanka, to express herself and has written this beautiful poem to help us understand better why she writes poetry.

Words and emotions
Entwine to express myself
Feelings are heartfelt
Words tumble out of my lips
Nothing can stop their free flow

and finally

‘The older I get, the clearer the answer becomes:  I write to honor life.  There are also moments when something I’ve been questioning is suddenly distilled into a very short poem – just enough words for my heart to manage then and there.  I used to kick myself for not keeping a journal.  Now I realize that my poetry is my journal.’Ellespeth, Views From A Poet

So there are, it seems, many varied reasons why we write poetry, and I am sure that we have not even scratched the surface here. I hope that this has given a little insight into the mind of the poet, whilst highlighting that there is no single answer to this question. Thank you so very much to Dominic, Pamela, and Ellespeth for taking the time to contribute.

If you have ever written poetry why not take a few minutes to reflect on why that is. What attracted you to poetry as a form? Was it a one off, or do you write poetry consistently? Do you write both poetry and prose, more of one than the other? Have a think and please share your thoughts in the comments. Add to the body of knowledge.

Holy Crap!

Yes. I will say it again. Holy Crap! Have I really not posted here since the 1st of October. It appears so. At least it was October this year, I guess. Why? Why have you not posted in so long I hear you ask. Or maybe that is just the voices in my head again. Well the truth is that I have been splitting my time between abiding in heavenly raptures, and wallowing in self-pity. Does the fact that I have managed a post mean that I am no longer wallowing? Well, no. I am still wallowing. Wallowing like a hippo in mud.

hippoI have also been working on a double top secret project that I shall shortly reveal to one and all. No! Not now. Not that shortly. Be patient. I am very excited about this project and, as is my wont, shall no doubt divulge the details far sooner than is apposite.

top secretFor now please allow me to present my apologies to one and all for not posting for so long. Notice how I keep using that phrase, ‘One and all’? It is almost as if I have the, probably misguided, belief that more than one follower remains to read this after the extended fallow period to which I have subjected them.

So, I am back, at least for now, and then most likely only sporadically. Back to amaze and dazzle you with my charm and wit, with the beauty and wonder of my eloquence.

Naturally this depends upon my proclivity for wallowing. But, hey, it is warm here in the mud

Five Years! No Way.

Well I’ll be jiggered. I received a notification from WordPress yesterday telling me that it was the fifth anniversary of my signing up to WordPress. I could hardly believe it. I suppose it does not seem this long since I only actively started blogging about one and a half years ago. Initially a blog with no plan, okay that hasn’t changed much, I only rarely posted, and by rarely I mean much more rarely than now, if you can believe that.

I am sure that all of us have different reasons to be appreciative of WordPress, be that the opportunity to express our views, promote our work, meet new people, etc. For me, I have the ultimate reason to be grateful to WordPress as it is through WordPress that I met the love of my life, Ionia Martin, as most of you know. In fact, that moment feels more like the time that I first started blogging, hence my amazement at the fifth anniversary notification.

So it appears that I have made it to five years. Will I still be here in another five? Well, that remains to be seen.

Thought of the Day – Other Drivers

‘Other Drivers!’


Need I say more? I guess I probably should. However, I believe that propriety, the potential for libel related legal action, and fear for my own personal safety, are sufficient to prevent me from elaborating further. I am sure that you all get what I am saying.

303rd Post

I had an insanely, incredible article ready to post as my 300th and then what did I do. I missed it completely and now am on the 303rd post. Damn it! I guess the awesomeness will have to wait for the 400th.






Anyway, since I am unable to reveal the content of that post at the current time, I shall instead take a moment to mention that following on from my fundamental research into the mysteries of time that there are

231,000 seconds in

2 days, 16 hours and 10 minutes

which is interestingly, 172,980 seconds less than there are in 4 days, 16 hours and 13 minutes

Ever Wondered…


just how many seconds there are in

4 days, 16 hours and 13 minutes


I have to confess that this is a puzzle that has occupied my mind for many a long year. I have spent countless hours poring over dusty tomes and manipulating the most fantastic and arcane devices imaginable, in order to divine these most ancient and mysterious secrets of the universe. Secrets clouded beneath a cloak of shadowy mists. Now, finally having unravelled the secrets of time, I can reveal, categorically, without a shadow of a doubt, except for inept calculation errors, that the answer to this most enigmatic of questions is:




imagesCan anyone help?

I was wondering.

Is there an actual physical law of nature, other than the ubiquitous Murphy’s law, that states that:

‘When decorating, the paint will be attracted to any clean item of clothing, any clean surface, or any person, within a twenty yard radius of the area in which you are painting.’

Now I will concede that I am not the best, most careful painter in the world, far from it. However, I have been taking extra special care, using dust sheets, masking tape and anything that I can to ensure that paint does not suspiciously find its way to places it bloody well shouldn’t.

But here’s the thing. It always fucking  does. Always. However little painting I do. However much care I take.

So there you have it. It simply has to be some actual law of nature to which I am not privy.

Your thoughts in comments please.