The rape of the earth


The Earth

The rape of the earth
Has continued too long
Charging headlong
Towards its final death song

How many ways
Can we possibly find
To destroy our planet
And nature’s purpose undermine

Open cast mining
And deforestation
These affronts to Gaia
And the whole of creation

A world polluted
Rain turned to acid
Leaves vegetation and life
Limp and flaccid

Over Fishing
And Herman’s stunt
African safaris
And the big game hunt

The continual abuse
Of our eternal mother
Leads us onward
Closer to the fall

Plunging on headlong
Towards oblivion
All for the worth
Of her natural resources

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A collection of poetry celebrating the beauty of the random. There is no thematic link to these poems, they touch upon almost any subject that crossed the author’s mind in the moment. They were born from a series of journal notes made over the course of a number of months. This collection is an eclectic mix of poems and range from love poetry to landscapes, children, paranormal, science and technology, and animals, with a lot of other topics thrown in for good measure.