Just a short post today to try and keep up my goal of posting two or three times a week. I have a day out in Cambridge planned for tomorrow, ostensibly to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for a while, but there will be some drinking involved, I have no doubt. Due to the appalling nature of the buses in the area I live I need to catch the 09:15 bus, which is the only bus that leaves all day (except the 07:30 one). This gets me into Cambridge pretty early in the day and so I should have the opportunity to visit a couple of book shops before I meet my friend.

After we meet up it will most likely involve a tour of the many pubs in town. I am going to take the advice given to me by shaunaborthwick and take along a notebook. I do usually try to do this but I generally never end up writing anything. On this occasion I think I will make an effort to use the notebook early on, rather than later in the day when there is a distinct danger of my never understanding what I have written. This should be the last weekend that I am out for a while. It always seems to be the way. You spend weeks without going out and then all of a sudden there is a glut of invites to go out, and after that nothing. I have enjoyed meeting all of my old friends recently, but now I shall be looking forward to getting a bit more order back into my life, more routine.

For those of you that have been following my progress with Proust’s ‘In Search of Lost Time’, you will be pleased to know that I have almost finished, and depending on how I feel on Sunday I should be able to finish this weekend. More on this when I have completed it. Have a great weekend!

Kick Start

Since being nominated for the prestigious Sunshine Award my mind has typically been devoid of anything resembling an interesting topic to post. Not only that I have found little to write about in other areas. To kick start the creative process I tried lying down on my bed in total darkness and just thinking of nothing. Mostly all I managed to achieve was to nearly fall asleep, followed by almost blinding myself when I did finally turn on the light and sit down to write. In fairness I did have a few ideas about how to proceed with my latest project, so some use came of it.

On another note, I subscribed to The Writer Magazine in a dull moment during my Christmas break from work and have finally received the first copy. I am going to peruse that during the adverts whilst watching television, as I find that watching television is pretty much all I feel like doing on a Friday night after a hard week at work. If it is any good I will let you know. Out of interest has any read this magazine before? Anyone found it to be useful?

Plans for the weekend? Mostly catching up on some reading. I am doing well with Proust. Then out for a meal and a few drinks with a friend in Cambridge on Saturday night. Sunday will be all about the Tottenham-Arsenal game.