Hamhock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Cheese Taster

Well, it seems that the highly talented Chief Pig Officer, (C.P.O) at J and I Publishing, Sir Bacon Doughnut Royal, has added yet another string to his bow and become a published children’s author. Is there no limit to this Pig’s talent?

As a loyal employee I wanted to share this with you all and to let you know that he is working on the next adventure for the intrepid Hamhock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Agatha the Pug.











“Hamhock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Cheese Taster,” is the first book in the Inspector Bacon Mystery Series for kids, ages 7-12.

Hamhock and his sidekick, Agatha the pug run a detective agency in London. When Mrs. Brie Gruyere stumbles into the office, desperate for help finding her missing husband, the head cheese taster for the Lemmington Cheese Factory, Hamhock and Pug know they have a case worth solving before them.

There’s more to this mystery than they first think. The family recipe book for the cheese factory is also missing…and there’s something skunky going on across the road.

Relying on wit, clue finding and Pug’s ability to create distraction, this mystery solving duo will stop at nothing to get the job done!

This is a chapter book for intermediate readers, with some harder words included for practise. This book has a British theme, and is mostly written in British English, so the spelling of words reflect that.

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MI29 – Mouseweb International to the Rescue by S.J. Tozer

MI29 Mouseweb International to the RescueMI29 – Mouseweb International to the Rescue by S.J. Tozer

Description from Goodreads

Did you know that we humans are monitored by Mouseweb International, a worldwide network of mice working undercover to lend a paw whenever we need it most?

I gave this book four stars out of five

My thoughts:

This was such a fun book to read. It is pretty short, and obviously written for younger readers.

This would be a great book to read with the children. What children wouldn’t enjoy a story about intelligent, talking animals, spies, and a battle of wits between the good, kind-hearted mice and the mean, evil rats?

I really enjoyed the way that the mice had taken human technology and miniaturised it for mouse use, and how they had a secret intelligence organisation that worked in unison with a number of human agencies for the betterment of all.

There were many wonderful illustrations by Rosy Salaman, my favourite being the ones of the mice attending a fancy dress party.

I would recommend this book as something to read with younger children, and for older children in the six to nine year age range to read themselves. Frankly I think anyone, of any age, would enjoy it. I certainly did.

This review is based on a complimentary copy provided by Netgalley and the publisher.

Claude on the Slopes by Alex T Smith

Claude on the SlopesClaude on the Slopes by Alex T Smith

Description from Goodreads

Meet Claude. He’s no ordinary dog–he leads an extraordinary life! Each day when his owners leave for work, Claude decides what adventure he will have. What will happen today? Claude and his best friend, Sir Bobblysock, go to the Snowy Mountains to swish down the powdery slopes. When their winter wonderland threatens to avalanche, Claude must come to the rescue.

I gave this book five stars out of five

My thoughts:

What a fun book. Children will love reading the continued adventures of Claude, the beret wearing dog, and his sock companion Sir Bobblysocks.

Children of all ages will enjoy exploring the snowy slopes with this pair of friends and will find the story fun and exciting. The author has created some entertaining and amusing characters, and a story that is packed full of laughs, not only for children, but also for those of us that are a little older, but remain big kids. Sorry, I meant young at heart.

This book will be especially interesting to those children that have already been exposed to the earlier adventures of Claude, and will leave those that haven’t wanting to find out more.

This book contains great illustrations throughout, accompanying the text and providing additional enjoyment and allowing greater interaction with the book for younger children too.

I would recommend this book as a great bedtime read for the kids. I thought this book was just the right length for that purpose. I look forward to reading further adventures of Claude and Sir Bobblysocks.

This review is based on a complimentary copy provided by Netgalley and the publisher.