So Who Missed my One Hundredth Post?

So who missed the momentous occasion of my 100th post? Come on, admit it, you did, didn’t you? Well, don’t worry, it appears as though I did too, since it looks like this will be my 101st post. I wonder if that includes reblogs or not. These little landmarks, although they do not really mean anything, do help to make you feel good and motivate you a little. The way I consider it is that if anyone is still reading the drivel that I come out with after one hundred posts, that’s kind of amazing, and I should continue. I admit I have been a bit lax lately with the blog, I have had lots going on. I am going to try to do better and start to post regularly again.

My reading goals haven’t changed, and I am progressing slowly, but surely. I have been supposedly working on an assignment for the creative writing course that I subscribed to a while ago, but in reality I have not gotten very far. This weekend I intend to get the main part of it written and then I will just leave it a few days, check it over, probably change most of it and submit it. Since this is the first assignment I have not got a tutor yet, but one should be assigned when I get the results of the first assignment back. Mostly it is providing them information about your goals and what you want to achieve from the course. Of course, there is the obligatory personal questionnaire to fill out too.

So these are my plans for the weekend. Reading and writing and playing with my new phone. I have finally acquired a phone that allows me to read my emails easily away from home. So after a little fun trying to get the wi-fi in my house working everything seems to be fine. Now to explore the wonderful world of mobile apps.

Reasearch or Do?

I spend a lot of time trying to learn ‘how to do things’ rather than actually ‘doing things’. I have always been this way. I try to learn all of the basics about a subject. I research academically what to do to, but have always then neglected the implementation. We all know that the only way to learn many things, the only way to get better at them, is to actually do them. How many times have we all heard that the ‘only way to get better at writing is to write’. From what I have garnered the only two rules that really seem to really be important to improve your writing are ‘to write lots’ and ‘to read lots’. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I have found that I am spending less time on both of these activities and have spending more and more time on reading about writing. I suppose that reading about writing is still reading, but I view it as different. Whilst this no doubt has its place in educating a novice like myself I feel that I need to be careful. I need to be realistic about the fact that you cannot learn everything by reading about it, sometimes you just have to do it.

Often when I have an interest I subscribe to all of the related magazines that I can find, buy up every related book on Amazon and see what courses I can sign up to. Consequently I end up not having the time left to actually do what it is that interested me in the first place. I know that finding out all about an interest can be important, but ultimately you have to do it to, not just read about it. I suppose it is a case of needing to do rather than research.

I must be stronger. I will have to limit the time that I spend on this practice in the future and increase the time I actually spend pursuing the activity or interest of choice, in this case writing.

Do others ever encounter problems like this? Spending more time on reading about an interest than actually pursuing it. I would be very interested to find out.

Home Writing Courses

The other day I was looking at writing courses online, either as purely online courses or as distance learning ones. I found a few interesting things, but the main one that sparked my interest was by the Writers Bureau. It was described as a Comprehensive Creative Writing Course. I was wondering if anyone had ever taken this course, or knew anyone who had, and whether it was something worth doing. I would appreciate any comments about the usefulness and efficacy of this course. It looks interesting at first glance but I haven’t investigated fully yet. It doesn’t seem too expensive which is a major consideration. However, since expense can only really be decided in terms of value, I suppose whether or not it is expensive depends upon the extent of its value to me.

If anyone has experience of this or other, relatively cheap, courses I would be most interested. I often find that I work better with some guidance, especially in the early days of a new interest or pursuit, as this is. I like the structure of following courses to learn the basics of things, and I find you often learn a lot of things quickly that would take you some time to learn by trial and error yourself.

Do other people like to take courses? I have taken a number of Open University courses, in a number of areas, purely for the sake of interest and have always enjoyed them. I always think that there is something new to learn, whatever your stage of development, however much you feel you know about a subject or field.